From our Clients:

This was a totally new kind of body work for me, and it was really fabulous. Despite hanging out in my underwear for a hot minute while Chanley examined me, I immediately felt at peace in her studio. She is so pleasant and knowledgeable and the Rolfing experience made me feel like she actually cared about my well-being because she asked me questions and worked on specific issues. I came in with a lot of ankle pain and I’ve had two sessions so far and already my body feels stronger and more aligned. I have recommended her to many of my athlete friends (and others who just need a good massage) and I am looking forward to going back!


Chanley is a wonderful practitioner! After just one session, places in my body where I experience chronic pain felt noticeably different, and better. I will be a returning patient, no doubt.

-Ryan Sitler

My name is Starbird – I am a Spiritual teacher, healer and Visionary. I also have a Professional Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy – Japanese Medicine from the Shiatsu School of Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

I have been working in the alternative healing field for 25 years and have had many massages with many different therapists in Canada and the United States, and I say with all honesty that Chanley Layton is the best. She is very intuitive and finds all the spots that need attention, knows exactly how to address them and with the right amount of pressure – HEALING HANDS she has! I have found that a lot of massage therapists just apply surface pressure and you are left feeling short-changed. But Chanley knows to get in there and to provide relief. I just love going to her and so look forward to every session!
When I leave I feel like I have just experienced a little bit of Heaven :>)


I love sports… I teach sea kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboard, and Traditional Kayaking techniques when I’m not mountain biking.  I’ve had my share of life events and have pushed my body hard, resulting in mis-alignments and more.  To help repair, I’ve seen chiropractors and therapists…. but none can hold a candle to Chanley’s amazing work.  After my first visit, my body feels better than it has in years….now if I can find a way to take her healing hands with me in my travels!
– Fern

Chanley Layton has proven to become Brevards top Massage/Rolfing speacialist. Over the past 17 years I have seen many theorpist specific to running, biking needs. There has been few that will listen, understand and get to the point. I have enjoyed each person that has helped me and my running, however there are few that get the job done or have worked on or around professional athletes. I am not a person that likes fluff, I need specific needs and she has done a great job. Rolfing is for people who understand there body or are seeking to learn. I have ran over 85,000 miles in my running career. I if she helps me run just another I am pleased. Thanks Chanley

– Bill