questions about rolfingFrequently Asked Questions:

Why is Rolfing different than regular massage or chiropractic?

You can see the Rolfing page for a more in-depth explanation, but basically Rolfing is more intentional than a regular massage in that you and the practitioner focus on problem areas and necessary improvements for the session, much like a chiropractor. However, a chiropractor focuses on the skeletal structure with the same intention, but often times your bones will fall back into old habits and positions if you don’t focus on the connective tissues that keep them in place.  Rolfers manipulate that connective tissue to maximize the efficiency of your energy system and your body’s potential.


I’ve heard Rolfing is painful – is that true?

Just as Chanley caters to your needs in all other forms of massage, she does so in Rolfing as well. This is your treat to yourself, and knowing that, Chanley provides a service that has created a community of addicted regulars. That being said, take note that Rolfing is different than a regular massage. The intention of Rolfing is to improve your structure through manipulation, and sometimes that takes a good bit of pressure or an elbow in your thigh. You’ll likely experience a bit of strain or soreness, but Chanley makes a point familiarize herself with her clients’ needs, expectations and pain thresholds. If you go in with a sense of these and an open mind, you’ll leave saying “Oooh, man. That hurt so good!”

Rolfing doesn’t sound like something I’d be into. What else you got?

So many options! If you’re interested in a massage but not Rolfing, check out our Services page for all of the different kinds of bodywork that Chanley offers.


Where are you located?

Chanley is located at 41 N Rice Street in downtown Brevard, NC. Brevard is located just 45 minutes from Asheville and 25 minutes from Hendersonville – a wonderful small town surrounded by serene Blue Ridges. It’s well worth the trek if you’re an out-of-towner (and you can ask Chanley where to find the best trails and gelato to make a whole day of it!)


How can I make an appointment?

Call or text Chanley at (828) 421-9554. Phone is by far the best option to make an appointment, but you can find her email address under Contact.