Chanley Layton started using her healing hands at a young age, offering restorative massages to a constant stream of friends and family. After graduating from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, she followed her innate gift to the Traditional School Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. Now fourteen years into her practice, Chanley offers Rolfing along with a myriad of other massages – customary, sports, Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue – basically any physical touch your muscles demand (within the legalities and dignity of a masseuse’s oath, of course).

Among these is Chanley’s passion, Rolfing, which analyzes the body structure to create anatomical goals for a massage. Rolfing  focuses specifically on your needs and well-being. Aside from her desire to make people feel better, Chanley loves the problem-solving aspect of Rolfing.  It’s like solving a puzzle in that pain rarely pops up where the actual issue resides. Finding the solution will alleviate pain and reintegrate you into your whole being, which is Chanley’s goal and favorite part of her work.

“I’m so physically active and grateful for my body to move efficiently,” says the D-1 field hockey player turned outdoor adventurist. “I just truly love helping people feel better.” Even Chanley’s studio has a restorative ambiance – whether it’s from her own energy, the décor of the office, or perhaps Sol, her good-natured and divinely-scented mutt snoozing in the corner – the space emanates a sense of calm positivity.  You are sure to leave feeling revived, pampered and powerful.

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