Rolfing is more than a technique – it is a point of view. Ida Rolf invented the practice in the 1930s built on her knowledge of homeopathy, osteopathy and yoga, all of which look at the entire structure to improve overall well-being. You’ll know right away that this is no ordinary massage: rather than immediately hitting the lights and brushing the wind chimes, Chanley starts every Rolfing session examining your alignment and posture and setting goals and an intention for her work session.

But she won’t be manipulating the joints and bones like a chiropractor would; Rolfing acknowledges that the ligaments, tendons and muscles must be properly elongated to hold the bones in their rightful place. So instead of hearing the “crack” and “pop” as a chiropractor adjusts your back, you’ll hear an “oouff” escape your lips as Chanley works the deep muscles of your calf. This homeopathic methodology means that even if you come in with a shoulder injury, a Rolfer is working on the big picture to put your whole body back in alignment rather than just focusing on where the pain is.

Rolfing is designed on a series of ten sessions to balance your body. With that said, the series has natural break points after the first, third and seventh session if you don’t intend to commit to the whole series. And the bottom line is that any Rolfing is better than none: You can get Rolfed once, ten or one hundred times. Chanley has clients that have been coming to her weekly for 8 years.